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Zaros. Southern and Central Crete

At the heart of Psiloritis mountain (upper Base) lies the most imposing geological formation of the area, the Agios Nikolaos Gorge. Zaros, the area’s main village, is located just below the gorge’s exit.

The village is girdled by trees since the area is blessed with abundant spring waters that are directed to an ancient and complex above-ground channel system alongside the road. After all, Ζαρός comes from the pre-Hellenic word Ζα+ρους, meaning rich water flow. Important traces of a Minoan settlement have been discovered, northern of the village, at the great springs of Sterna and Votomos. The roman city of Gortys was watered by those springs using a 12km-long closed pipe, an impressive hydraulic achievement, part of which is still visible.

Zaros is located along Koutsoulidis river valley and is surrounded by numerous hills that form a stunning ground relief.

Zaros is the ideal destination for Greek or foreign visitors seeking to explore central and southern Crete. One of Crete’s most beautiful villages, located at the southern foot of Mount Psiloritis. Zaros provides the necessary facilities for almost 300 overnight stays per day.

The village has preserved its beauty and originality even though tourists have been visiting the area since 1980. The local population has equally managed to remain unaffected by tourism. Far away from tourist herds and all-inclusive hotels, you will have the privilege to enjoy unique Cretan hospitality. Something fairly common is to sit at a cafe (kafeneio) with the locals; they will instantly welcome you and invite you to a raki. We will not be surprised to suddenly find yourself at someone’s home eating and drinking with his family just like old friends. You will soon become friends, and that is exactly why you will come back to our blessed land gifted with so much spring water and beauty.

From Zaros you can go for numerous one-day excursions:

Trip 1: Agios Nikolaos Monastery, Agios Nikolaos Gorge, Rouvas Forest

Trip 2: Zaros - Kamares - Cave of Kamares

Trip 3: Zaros - Kouroutes by car and 2,5 hour walk to the top Timios Stavros of Mount Psiloritis

For the excursions listed below we have calculated distances/duration and we can propose sites worth visiting, where to stop for coffee or a meal etc. 

  • Zaros - Near Agia Galini - Kissou Kampos - Drimisko - Monasteri of Preveli - Ligkres - Kerame - Drimisko - Kissou Kampos
  • Zaros - Lentas - Gorge of Tripiti - Koumasa - Vagionia - Agioi Deka
  • Zaros - Listaros - Monastery of Odigitria - Agiofarago
  • Zaros - Pompia - Kali Limenes
  • Zaros - Winery of Plouti - Gortys - Metropolis
  • Phaestos - Matala - Komos
  • Zaros - Faneromeni Dam - Voroi Folk Museum - Kokkinos Pirgos
  • Zaros - Vorizia - Platanos - Agia Galini
  • Zaros - Moires - Timpaki - Agia Galini - Agios Pavlos - Triopetra
  • Zaros - Vorizia - Fourfouras - Amari Meronas - Gerakari - Spili - Agia Galini - Zaros
  • Zaros - Vorizia - Fourfouras - Thronos - Monastery of Arkadi - Margarites


Zaros, 70400 , Crete
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